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Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Competition Prep – What You Need to Know

With so many Covies competing in CrossFit events over the coming weeks, we thought we’d share Coach John’s great summary on how to attack the day (and those leading up to it).

Competitions are a great time for our athletes to show off their hard work and training in the gym and put themselves on a stage to be compared to others from boxes near and far. Competitions can be extremely fun and challenging but they can also be used as learning experiences. Hopefully some of these words of wisdom will put you ahead of the learning curve.

Leading up to the competition:

-Start working on those skills that you are very proficient at or have been neglecting. You want to be as well rounded as possible.
-Start working out at different times and on different days (when available). Generally during a competition you will do one workout in the morning, one midday, and one early afternoon. Your body will perform differently at different parts of the day. This can be very challenging if you are used to only working out at one time or on certain days. Most competitions are on the weekend so, once again, if you are used to resting on the weekends it can be tough to motivate yourself to compete on a Saturday or Sunday.
-Don’t neglect your “engine” and basic movements. As much as you want to start working on those more advanced movements and specialty movements don’t spend ALL your time focusing on them.

Competition Day:

Warming Up

-Make sure you know what time you or your team heats are. Know if they are running on time or late (it is rarely that you go on exactly at your scheduled time)
-Start moving around 2 heats before yours. Get a little mobility going. Start getting your heart rate up 1 heat before yours (you shouldn’t be drenched in sweat before you workout). Go over the movements that you will be performing in the workout, depending on equipment available. Your warm-up should conclude about 2-3 before the end of the heat before yours (enough time to keep you warm and not cold).

During WOD

-Have a game plan. Have a back-up game plan. Think about how you want to split up reps, movements, time, etc. If you start off “too hot”, just revert to your back-up plan.
-If you are doing a partner competition- COMMUNICATE. Know when it is your turn to work and when to rest.
-Relax! Your adrenaline will be going so fast that you may tend to start off too ambitious with reps/sets. This will catch up to you in the middle of the workout when you are relaxed. Instead, stick to your game plan and use that adrenaline for the whole workout versus just the beginning.

Post WOD

-Make sure you stretch and do a little mobility work. You’re trying to stay as loose as possible throughout the day.


-Stick to what you have been eating on a regular basis. Don’t add anything new if you don’t know how it affects your body. Gameday is a bad time to find out that a certain food/liquid doesn’t sit well with your stomach!
-When available eat solid/real food. We all like our post-WOD shakes but you can’t rely on those ALL day. While it can be done (using just protein shakes and bars) your energy levels will not be ideal and your soreness levels will be elevated, especially the next day. This doesn’t have to meal a full meal as most people can’t eat immediately after they workout but include some fruit, maybe some veggies, and some type of meat or protein.
-Stay hydrated! Even if it’s cold outside, you still sweat. Keep drinking that high quality H2O!

Other Random Tidbits

-Make sure you have all of your equipment you may need. It sucks having to borrow a jump rope during a competition.
-Bring a few shirts with you, especially if you’re a heavy sweater…who likes sitting in their own sweat soaked shirts all day?!
-Don’t make your reps close to being called a “no rep”. Don’t ever get mad at a judge for no-repping you…that is your fault for making it close. Thank judges after each WOD.
-Have FUN and enjoy the day!



30 Handstand push ups 

– For Quality, not speed-


Fitness: 40 Push ups

Performance: Kipping 

Open: Strict 


20 Single arm db push press (10 per arm) 

6 Power Cleans

60 Double unders 

3 Rnds

Fitness: 115/75

Performance: 175/115

Open: 205/135

 And if you’re not an athlete competing, be an athletic supporter!  Come on out and support your fellow Covies at Outsider CrossFit for the Charm City Throwdown on Saturday!  Here’s a throwback shot from two years ago…

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