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Athlete Safety at The Cove

Since not everyone reads the blog every night, we thought this was worth repeating.  The safety of our athletes and coaches is priority number one.  Whether it’s drilling great technique, scaling weights and/or movements (or telling you to drop the weight entirely!) our goal is to create the safest environment possible for each and every one of you.
But as we all know, accidents do happen.  And we’ve had an unfortunate streak recently (one that we want to end!).  But like most bad things that happen in life, so much learning can be gleaned from them.
We have had a few incidents where athletes have fallen off of bars doing toes-to-bar or pull-ups.  By no means are we saying these athletes did anything wrong (as we said, accidents do happen!) but we want to provide as much information as possible to MINIMIZE THE RISK of those accidents happening.  Take a look at this great video of Coach Brian and Coach Holden talking about grip STRENGTH and TECHNIQUE.

We had reached out individually to everyone who purchased a LIGHTWEIGHT hoodie to determine if the blue shell peeled after washing.  For those of you who responded “yes” (thank you for doing so!) we now need you to return it!  We placed a plastic bin up front at the gym as a “return” your hoodie.  Please put the hoodie in a plastic baggie (provided on the table) and write your name on the bag.  We will collect all the retuned hoodies on MONDAY EVENING. Remember to write your name on the bag!  If you don’t, we will consider it a ‘donation’ back to the gym.  ONLY if you return your hoodie by Monday night will you get a new one.  Thank you in advance and we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience on this one!

These have been a huge hit with parents and kids alike!  It’s a great way to not only bond with your child, but to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.As a reminder, these workouts are designed as “partner WODs” where you work out with your child.  If you have more than one child, that’s ok… we can work in teams of three (or feel free to bring another adult partner).  We typically do fun warmups, some skill work, a work out and a game.  While you will get a sweat in, it won’t come with the same “pain cave” feeling of a regular METCON.Ideal ages for our ‘lil beasts is 5 – 10… but if you think your older or younger one will enjoy it, great!  Since it is Partner WOD, you’ll be able to assist (or challenge) your child as appropriate for THEM!

Sunday, January 14th @ Noon

Sunday, January 21st @ Noon

Sunday January 28th @ Noon



20 Second Ring Support Hold

20 Second Handstand Hold

10 V- ups

3 Rounds




40/30 Cal Row

40 1 Arm Alt. DB Snatch

30 Burpees

2 Rounds



Coach’s Tip:  Today’s skill work is a continuation of the de-load for the pressing cycle.  Hold yourself accountable when it comes to keeping your core engaged and feet in a good position.  For the metcon,  it should take you sub 20.  If people you are taking longer then scale don the reps on the burpees. The load on the DB should be light and moving through quickly!


No one works harder than Angela D.  She’s lifting heavier, moving faster and continually building her skills.  She had a breakthrough on her doubles and rocked 200 of them Tuesday!

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