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We need your hoodie back if your blue shell is peeling!  ONLY if you return your hoodie by Monday night will you get a new one, so make sure you put your hoodie in a bag (provided) AND put your name on it! Thank you in advance and we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience on this one!



These have been a huge hit with parents and kids alike!  It’s a great way to not only bond with your child, but to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.As a reminder, these workouts are designed as “partner WODs” where you work out with your child.  If you have more than one child, that’s ok… we can work in teams of three (or feel free to bring another adult partner).  We typically do fun warmups, some skill work, a work out and a game.  While you will get a sweat in, it won’t come with the same “pain cave” feeling of a regular METCON.Ideal ages for our ‘lil beasts is 5 – 10… but if you think your older or younger one will enjoy it, great!  Since it is Partner WOD, you’ll be able to assist (or challenge) your child as appropriate for THEM!

Sunday, January 14th @ Noon

Sunday, January 21st @ Noon

Sunday January 28th @ Noon



From 0-15 Find a 3 RM Sumo Deadlift


From 15-20 Max Assault Bike Cals


From 20-25 Sit ups/Plank


From 25-30  Wall Balls


Coach’s Tip:  We have a different style of partner WOD today.  Some strength work followed by endurance.  One person working at a time on the wall balls and assault bike.  For the core work,  one person is holding a plank and one person is doing sit ups, so both partners are working at the same time!


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