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So fun to have everyone come together for 18.2!  A quick reminder that the last Friday Night Lights (18.5) we will have LIVE BAND following the workout! Our very own Rich Snyder and his band “Creative Differences” will be performing just for us to celebrate the wrap of the Open!  You MUST be there!

A head’s up for this Friday’s potluck — “Men: A Special Kind of Stupid” are responsible for catering the 18.3 potluck!  Ladies, please still bring in your usual preferred beverages, but the men will take over the food table!  And next week and we’ll pick ‘best potluck’ between the teams.


Without further adieu, the results from 18.2’s “Intramural Competition” are in!

  1. Participation: (25 total points possible). It was a tie! 22 Points are awarded to “The Covaries” and “The Men – A Special Kind of Stupid”.
  1. Best Selfie Submitted; can be team or individual representation of the team (5 Points) – We love when people drink the Open Kool-aid and push outside their comfort zone.  Len has only been at this CrossFit thing a few months and not only signed up for the Open, but did the workout while traveling at another box.  THAT is commitment!  Well done Len!


  1. Best Team or Group Photo (5 points): There’s nothing more elegant and dainty than CrossFit men in tutus!


4. Best social media presence 5 points: The ladies dominated the week with everything from smack talk to cOvaries swag (memes were on point!).  And its always a winner when the Coach Brian dumbbell photo emerges…

5. Most inspiring performance 5 points: Each week we will highlight a moment that epitomizes what the Open is all about.   This week’s “Open Moment” goes to Coach Josh AND Ethan W.  As you know, quality movement and adhering to standards is something that you should do as an athlete always, but it is critical at the Open.  But often times upholding those standards as you ‘judge’ can be difficult.  Taking away a rep (from a fellow athlete, friend or otherwise) is really hard to do.  And in the case of Ethan, arguably one of our top athletes, every second matters in the Open.  Not many people know this story, but Ethan came to retest 18.2 on Monday.  Josh was his judge.  Ethan was on pace to beat his time for 18.2 and Josh had to ‘no rep him for a one foot jump off for the “over the bar” movement.  It is always a tough situation both the judge and athlete, especially when stakes are high.  This ‘no rep’ technically cost him the seconds he would have gained.  BUT, Josh made the call he thought was right.  And Ethan accepted that call graciously.  THIS is one of those moments that truly epitomizes two athletes and friends striving to be the best they can  be.  THAT is one helluva Open Moment!

The men came back strong and had a big week this week!  37 total points (vs. the women with 27), so the grand total now stands at:


43 Week One +27 Week Two = 70

Men: A Special Kind of Stupid:

28 Week One + 37 Week Two = 65



Every 10 minute for 30 Minutes

1,000/800 M Row

15 Burpee Box Jumps

12 Power Snatch


Fitness: 75/55

Performance: 95/65

Open: 115/75


Coach’s Tip:  Longer one today with a little built in rest (you should have about 2 minutes rest if scaled properly!)


New Dad (for the second time around) Dustin getting his 18.2 on!

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