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Back Squat Cycle Starts Today!



Monday starts our next strength cycle… the Back Squat!  While CrossFit (generally speaking) promotes variation in movements, we have periods where we like to focus on specific areas of fitness, whether it is strength, skill, gymnastics or conditioning.  The back squat cycle offers a great opportunity to build strength, technique, core stability and mobility that will carry over to so many other aspects of your fitness.  We are excited to get started on making us all better AND stronger squatters!


Having said that, today we will be testing a new 1 Rep Max back squat.  Since this test can (and often will) lead to ‘failure’ of a rep, it is CRITICAL that you know how to properly bail the barbell on this lift. As you get heavier, please also seek out a fellow athlete or coach to spot you. If you not comfortable on the bailout or tend to collapse forward when you fail, a spotter is a MUST!  Here is a video from Coach Maria and Coach Holden on how to BAIL AND SPOT PROPERLY.



 We are proud to announce that we have developed a relationship with the fine physical therapists at Revolutions Sports Medicine. And they have been nice enough to present a free Shoulder Health Clinic on Saturday, April 14th at Noon.  Given the importance of shoulder health (generally speaking) and because of the demands we put on them, we think you will ALL get a lot out of this!

Here is a description of the clinic –

“Shoulder mobility and stability are crucial to the fitness athlete that wants to perform to their full potential.  Identifying limitations in shoulder range of motion or strength can make a major difference in both performance and injury risk reduction.  This seminar will give you the strategies to find those limitations and correct them to optimize shoulder health and function for CrossFit.”

Join us for this informative opportunity clinic.  Family and friends are welcome!


Take 20 minute to find a  1 RM Back Squat




Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes

15 Front Squats

20 Burpees

Fitness: 95/65

Performance: 115/75

Open: 135/95

Coach’s Tip: After we are warm and stretched, let’s make sure you are comfortable with bailing the bar and spotting.  Then let’s get heavy!  We finish with a spicy metcon that will fatigue your legs after those heavy lifts, but you should still have about 1 minute or more to rest for each round. If you don’t lower the volume or weight (or both!)




Deadlift skill/strength work




12 Minute EMOM:

45 Seconds Assault Bike

30 Second Plank (or mountain climbers)

15 Deadlifts

Score= Total calories on bike


Hassan E.  is one of our most consistent and committed athletes…

and his gains are INSANE!


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