As most of you know, the first week in May we concluded two special programs that served the mission of the Cove:  To provide a supportive environment, culture and community that allows people to safely achieve their fitness goals. The Fresh Start Challenge was focused on helping women learn the philosophy and movements we see in CrossFit and slowly introduce them to the intensity of the program. Fourth Trimester Fit was focused on new moms learning about their bodies and how to develop the strength and capacity to deal with the demands of motherhood. This is why the Cove was built – that through using fitness we could change lives and make the impossible possible.

The logo of the Cove is the Nautilus Shell – it represents the growth and evolution we see in our everyday athletes that walk through our doors (see here for more on the symbolism of the Cove shell). They grew stronger, fitter, more energetic, and joyous over time. It is the power movement and community — and whether or not you realize it, you have already been a huge part of helping them achieve success.  Whether it was doing a Partner WOD, giving a simple high five or fist bump, showing them how to log into Wodify or tossing them a cold towel, so many of you have already given them the encouragement they’ve needed to grow.  We know how powerful CrossFit can be to change lives and we are excited that we all have been able to share it’s power with so many people.

Many of you have been here for some time (from weeks to years) and we hope that every now and then you take a moment of reflect how far you have come. We also hope that you remember what it was like to be a beginner (we still feel like a beginners at times!) and how scary it might have been. We will have roughly six new members that will be officially joining our community and we hope that you can support them as they make those first steps as a an official Covie!




As you know, to celebrate the arrival of May, we are dialing in on our mobility!  We want EVERYONE to participate in this easy challenge by working on mobility EVERY day for the entire month.  Each week we have mobility “homework” that needs to be done each day.  Not only will these drills help with your training here at the Cove, they will serve you well in all other aspects of life.  These will be simple mobility drills that you can do at home or at the gym (or even at work!).  Week One was holding 5 minutes per day at the bottom of a squat and Week Two is…

Shoulders and Thoracic Spine

Accumulate 5 minutes of shoulder/thoracic stretching

Our shoulders and upper back play a huge part in our everyday life from pressing to posture to squatting.  Over our lifetime we have all spent plenty of time slumped over at a desk, computer, cell phone, etc and may have developed internally rotated shoulders that can cause plenty of problems inside and outside of the gym.  All types of back, shoulder, and neck pain can be traced to our shoulders and upper back.  Let’s try to start correcting that.  Look out for a video on our Facebook page for some simple stretches you can do inside and outside of the gym.


3 Rounds for Time:

500/400 M Row

400 M Run

30 KB Swings

30 Push Press

30 Sit Ups

*30 minute time cap


Fitness: 45/35 (35/26)

Performance: 75/55 (53/35)

Open: 95/65 (53/35)


 Coach’s Tip: Another long one today!  Should be fun to hit a row and run in the same workout.  The Push Press should be light enough for huge sets.  There are 5 movements that should be no more than 2 minutes each, 10 minutes per round.

Ashley G. celebrates Mobility May every day!  Be like Ashley!

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