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Last Man Standing!

Here at the Cove we try not to set up too many “rules”.  There are plenty of them in the outside world and punishing you with burpees for being late or not cleaning up your mess is something we just don’t believe in.  HOWEVER, we do have one rule when it comes to community and supporting our fellow athletes:  That is, please do not clean up your weights and gear until the last person is finished with the workout.  We completely understand if you need to leave early or class runs over, but WE WILL CLEAN UP YOUR EQUIPMENT FOR YOU.  There’s nothing worse than grinding out those few last reps, pushing outside your limits and giving 110%… and then feeling deflated when you see everyone done and packing up around you.  Again, feel free to leave if you have to, but we’ll deal with the clean up!  Otherwise, gather round and cheer on your fellow athlete till the end!


24 min AMRAP:

60 Cal Bike

60 Cal Row

100 DB Snatches (1 DB)

100 DB Push Press (1 DB)

100 DB Lunges (1 DB in goblet position)

*Females take 10 cals off the row and bike

 Coach’s Tip: An awesome partner chipper WOD!  You have to hit the movement and the reps, but divide them up how you want.  This one is all about strategy and communicating with your partner.  Play off of each other’s strengths!


Coach Drew and the morning crew!

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