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Mobility May Week 3 & Hydration Challenge!




As you know, to celebrate the arrival of May, we are dialing in on our mobility!  We want EVERYONE to participate in this easy challenge by working on mobility EVERY day for the entire month.  Each week we have mobility “homework” that needs to be done each day.  Not only will these drills help with your training here at the Cove, they will serve you well in all other aspects of life.  These will be simple mobility drills that you can do at home or at the gym (or even at work!).  Week One was holding 5 minutes per day at the bottom of a squat, Week Two was 5 minutes of Shoulder/Thoracic Spine stretching, and Week Three is…

Ankle Mobility

Spend 2-3 minutes on each ankle


As you know, Murph is just two weeks away, and nothing is more critical to success for that particular WOD than good hydration (both before AND after the workout). That doesn’t mean chugging a gallon of water the hour before you start the first run and cracking a Miller Lite when it’s over!  It means hydrating your body over time leading up to AND AFTER the workout with WATER.  Without proper hydration, injury risk skyrockets for everything from cramping and strained muscles all the way to Rhabdo (more to come on this over the coming days).

For the next two weeks we are asking EVERYONE to drink half of their body weight in ounces of water each day!  That includes the 11 days leading up to Murph and the three days after.  To determine your hydration needs, calculate your body weight in pounds, divide it by 2 and drink that many ounces of water each day. For example, a 200 pound man should drink 100 ounces of quality water each day!  We will be doing bathroom checks on the morning of Murph to ensure your pee is clear before you do the workout.  Kidding on that one, but we are serious — you MUST hydrate.

We all know water and proper hydration is ‘good for you’, but for all of us at the Cove, it is ESSENTIAL.  We move more, sweat more and lift more than the average bloke and our bodies need more than, well,  the average.  Plus, all of that hard work in the box will be diminished if we don’t get enough — simply put it means greater muscle breakdown and less new muscle growth.

And don’t forget all the other great stuff it does for us!  It aids in  good digestion, getting waste and toxins from your body, increases energy and can ward off disease.

Just ask any of the participants from the last two nutrition challenges — we’ve all done it.   It is hard at first but it quickly becomes your new normal. You’ll find a groove and see it’s totally doable once you learn how to spread out your consumption and even get creative with flavoring (think cucumber, lemon, strawberry infused!).

3-2-1 GO H2O!




12 min AMRAP:

10 Bar Muscle-ups (O) or 20 Burpee Pullups (P/F)

100 Double Unders

50/40 Cal Row


Fitness-  Burpee Jumping Pullups, 100 Singles

Performance-  20 Burpee Pullups

Open-  10 Bar Muscle-ups




Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes:

8-10 Chin ups

10 Bent Over DB Rows (2 DBs)

Max Push ups in 30 Seconds


Coach’s Tip:  We hit some skill work after the WOD today to mix it up.  For the muscle ups we are scaling with 20 burpee pull ups.  If you don’t have a pull up, no worries… we will hit jumping pull ups.  Grab a box or plates and do a burpee, then step up and do your jumping pull up!

Coach Brian hitting a class and getting bendy. Happy Mobility May!


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