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Memorial Day Murph

For those of you who haven’t read the details on Memorial Day Murph, PLEASE READ THE BELOW!  It is filled with critical information to make the day a success for you.  If you are contemplating doing Murph as a partner WOD but don’t have a buddy  lined up, we have a sign up board at the front of the gym (by the Wodify station).   Just sign your name there and we’ll make sure you have a great teammate with whom you can enjoy the day!


May 28th: Memorial Day Murph 10am

Memorial Day Murph is a CrossFit tradition that has also become a tradition at the Cove since opening our doors some three years ago.  If you haven’t heard of “Murph” it is a “Hero WOD” to honor fallen U.S. soldier Michael Murphy. He gave his life in the mountains of Afghanistan trying to protect to the lives of his fellow soldiers. This workout is to celebrate his life and sacrifice and the sacrifices of so many other brave men and women in our military who fight eveyy day for our freedom.

It is a daunting workout consisting of a 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats followed by yet another 1 mile run.  We offer lots of versions of this workout to make it approachable to any athletes (see below) so don’t let this scare you away!  This is meant to be a day for community and remembrance and we want everyone to have FUN and stay HEALTHY as they tackle this challenging WOD.  Now that we are just under two weeks out, it’s time to start thinking about your game plan.

To that end, we ask that everyone comes that day with a game plan and STICKS TO IT.  We’ll have numerous ways to approach (and scale) the day, but wanted to get you thinking about your options sooner than later.  Here are some ways to think about tackling the workout itself:

  • Break up the reps in easy bit sized pieces.  Most people opt for 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 air squats (for 20 rounds) to get to the 100/200/300 total rep count
  • For most, the PUSH UP is the first to fail.  If this is an area of weakness for you, consider breaking up the push ups even more.  Go 5 push ups, 5 pull ups, 5 push ups, 15 air squats (for 20 rounds).
  • Consider doing “TEAM MURPH”.  Find two or three friends (or we can pair you up) and split the volume.  For those of you who love partner WODs, this is a super fun way to attack the day!
  • HALF MURPH is a great option as well.  You can cut the runs to 800’s and then hit 50, 100, 150 reps.  We still STRONGLY advise you break up the reps it smaller sets!
  • Or you can just do it as an AMRAP.  Let’s say 30 minutes is a good “feeling” time cap for you.  Go for a run then do a 10 or 12 minute “Cindy”.  Then hit another run!  Cap yourself at 30 minutes.

We want you to have FUN and work within your own capacity … and the possibilities to make that happen are endless!  Talk to us or any coach and we’ll figure out a plan that works for YOU.





For time:

5 Front Squats

20 Sit ups

800 m Run

5 Front Squats

20 Sit ups

600 m Run

5 Front squats

20 Sit ups

400 m Run

5 Front Squats

20 Sit ups

200 m Run

Fitness: 115/75 (10 Front Squats)

Performance: 165/110

Open: 225/155


 Coach’s Tip: Today we go heavy with a run (or row or bike if you can’t handle the drizzle)! The front squats should be a challenge each and every set.  No GHDs today.  FLY through the situps and keep the pace high on the run!


Cristi S. crushing it per usual!

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