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A reminder that we are launching a 6-week series of classes for kids 8-12 years old. The class is going to be every Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM starting on July 11th. If you (or someone you know) are interested email us at info@CrossFitCove.com.  You do not need to be a member of the Cove to participate so if you have friends with kids who might be interested, pass it along!


For time:

Run 1 Mile (400 M relay style)


2 rounds:

50 DB Step ups

____ Doubles

50 Toes to Bar


Run 1 Mile (400 M Relay style)


Fitness  200 Singles

Performance  75 Doubles

Open  125 Doubles


 Coach’s Tip: We haven’t done DB Stepups in a few weeks so make sure you are picking a load that you can maintain great posture with.  Maybe even try to partner with someone using the same weight for an added challenge.  The runs should be pretty fast paced as you have rest in between each while your partner works.

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