With so many growing bellies (and new baby Covies being delivered) we are making a special effort to accommodate these amazing athletes by providing scales and modifications designed specifically for these changing bodies.  Every day there will be a posted scale (or the coach will have them to share during class) for those Covies either expecting or postpartum.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT EVERY WOMAN is different and there are no ‘universal scales’ for each phase of pregnancy or after-birth.  Just like our non-expecting athletes, each of us is built differently and our job is to help you find what works best for YOU.

Coach Maria has done an amazing job furthering her education, running postpartum classes AND sharing her knowledge with all the coaches at the Cove.  We never want someone to feel that they ‘can’t do the workout’ as prescribed and stop coming.  A healthy mama makes a healthy baby so please continue to come and know we will have something appropriate AND exciting for you to do to keep your workouts as fresh as always!  These scales will be a bit more extensive in terms of explanation in the Daily WOD and News posts as we want to provide as much context as possible.  We are thrilled to announce these scales will now be posted as “P/PP” (Pregnant and Postpartum) along with our regular FX, Performance and Open tracks.





Take 12 minutes to find a heavy Squat Clean




For time:

12 Squat Cleans

15 Burpees

30/20 Cal Row

*1 min rest *

12 Power Cleans

15 Burpees

30/20 Cal Row

*1 min rest*

12 Hanging Squat Clean

15 Burpees

30/20 Cal Row

*Time cap 17 min…SEND IT


Fitness (FX): 115/75 (15 reps on the cleans)

Performance (P): 165/110

Open (O): 185/125

Pregnant/Post Partum (P/PP):


4 hang squat cleans (use DBs if belly is impeding bar path) + 10 front rack drop back lunges (can opt for body weight lunges) *The point here is to still use the movement, and change the stimulus by lowering the weight and increasing the volume and adding an additional movement to strengthen the posterior chain as an EMOM


Cleans: (use DBs if belly is impeding bar path, scale weight + volume as necessary, can also opt for power cleans)

Burpees: 15 Burpees (modified burpees or slam balls if athlete is uncomfortable with burpees)

Row: 30/20 Cal Row (modify volume / focus on keeping chest up right versus leaning back to avoid coning)


 Coach’s Tip: Heavy Cleans today!!  This is a Gameday type workout.  Body should be primed from Monday to hit some big weight.  Even though it’s heavy, form should still be pristine.  The time cap for the metcon is tight but very doable if weights are chosen and broken up correctly.


Cathy H. rocking her front rack!

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