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EMOM for 12 Minutes:

Min 1: Banded Pull Aparts

Min 2: Reverse Snow Angels

Min 3: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hanging Power Snatch


P/PP Scales:

Min 3: modify to 5/side DB snatch




Track Triplet (2012 Games workout) 

3 Rounds for Time:

8 Power Snatch

7 Bar Muscle ups

Run 400 M


Fitness: 95/65

Performance: 115/75

Open: 115/75

P/PP MetCon Scales:

8 Alt DB Snatch (hang or from ground)

7 Elevated Ring Rows (feet on box – keep an eye on coning – can break up as necessary)

2 minute assault bike or row (athlete’s choice)


 Coach’s Tip:   Ending the week on a great note in the spirit of the Games.  Some skill work to get the back and shoulders warmed up then a tough metcon with some technical movements.  Use the Skill WOD to nail down your form on the Snatch then let it fly during the metcon.

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