Friday, September 4th, 2015 — Crossfitcove

Friday, September 4th, 2015

In an effort to create the best gym for you we would love to get some critical and candid feedback.  We have developed a survey (the link below is “General Gym Survey”) and it asks a broad range of questions from class schedules to gym culture.  This survey should only take 5 minutes (maybe 7 if you have a lot to add in the open ended questions).  We have also developed individual surveys for each coach as we know the quality of coaching is probably THE number one reason people join a gym.  Those should only take 2 to 3 minutes a piece but, again, if there’s more you have to say… type away!  You’re honest feedback is critical, so this survey is ENTIRELY anonymous.  If we are going to grow and keep the interests of our members at the forefront, want to know it ALL!  Thank you advance for your time AND constructive feedback!



In other news and due to high demand, we are starting Clean  Eating Challenge Reboot. Earlier this year we did a “Whole 30” challenge and the results were amazing.  We had a number of members make massive changes in there body composition and general performance at the gym.  It seems like we might need another challenge all the summer temptations so we are planning on starting right after Labor Day. We will lead a kick off conversation during the Labor Day potluck on Monday (and Coach Brian will be available after the 5:30 PM class on Tuesday to help you decide what’s best for you!) 


If you are interested and haven’t joined here is our Facebook support group. It’s a great place to share recipes, support each other, and post pictures of what delicious foods you can make with natural ingredients.



Overhead Squats 


(Build up in weight to find a heavy set of 2)


25 Shoulder To Overhead

25  Burpees

150 Wall Balls

25  Burpees

25 Shoulder to Overhead


(1 partner working 1 partner resting)


Fitness 95/65

RX 135/95


Min gets vertical with some box jumps (with great landing position too!)…
 min box

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