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Tuesday, September 8th 2015

There’s no better way to close summer than with an awesome Hero WOD on a beautiful Labor Day.  Thanks to everyone who came out, worked hard and supported each other in a big way.
Now it’s time to shift our attention to the next big event…



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We will be announcing each of the three workouts each of the next few nights (not necessarily in order of events)… INCLUDING TONIGHT!




WORKOUT 2: Clean and Jerk Ladder

Men’s RX

135 – 155 – 175 – 195 –205 – 215 – 225 – 235

Men’s Scaled

95 – 115 – 135 – 155 – 175 – 185 – 195 – 205

Female Scaled

55 – 65 – 75 – 85 – 95 – 105 – 115 – 125

Female RX

75 – 85 – 95 – 105 – 115 – 125 – 135 – 145


Athletes will take the bar from the floor and perform a Clean and Jerk. 1 Point will be given for the Clean and 1 point will be given for the Jerk.

Athletes will enter the ladder every minute – having 50 seconds to make their lift and a 10 second transition time. Athletes must complete their lifts in the time allotted.

If an athlete misses an attempt or is NO Repped they may try again as long as they have time, but they must successfully complete the Clean AND the Jerk to move on. Successful movements must be fully completed before the timer beeps.

Successful Cleans must travel from the floor to the shoulders and be held in control in the front rack position, elbows in front of the bar, knees and hips fully extended. Successful Jerks must then travel from the shoulder to be held in control in a full lockout position overhead in line with the shoulders, hips and feet. Split jerk is acceptable as long as the feet come together and control is shown before the weight is lowered.

Slight press-out will be tolerated. If you are fighting for control at the top of your lift and you take a step to control the bar that will be acceptable as long as you do show control before bringing the weight back down. Contact with the head will result in a No Rep. If you miss a Jerk attempt and return the bar to your shoulders you may try again without having to return the bar to the floor.

If you complete the ladder then you have earned the highest score for this event. 1 Point credit will be given for Clean, but to advance you must complete the Clean AND Jerk.

After you last attempt, you will proceed to a “tie breaker” round (in case of a tie) of max clean and jerks for ONE MINUTE at the following weights:

135lb RX Men

95lb Scaled Men

75lb RX Women

55lb Scaled Women






Overhead Squats 7/7/7/7

**Try to hit the same weight you used for 5 across last week**

(Between each set spend 1 minute mobilizing for next set)





“Half Cindy” (10 min AMRAP)

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Air Squats

The morning crew rocking some WallBalls in Friday’s Partner WOD…
 morning partners

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