Wednesday, February 3rd 2016 — Crossfitcove

Wednesday, February 3rd 2016

We are blown away by everyone’s excitement for Saturday night.  It looks like we’ll have around 75 people coming so you will finally be able to meet all of those people you’ve only seen on the WhiteBoard!  Those crazy 5:30am people?  Yep, they’ll be there.  Those night owls who only make the 7:30p? Yep, they’ll be there too.  Excited to have people cross time zones and get to hang out as one big group!
Several people have asked what they can bring.  We will have beer, wine and “Cove Crushes” on hand.  There will be some light apps (think cheese/veggie trays and other finger foods) so if you insisted on bringing something, a snack to add to the food table or drink of your choice would be awesome.  NOT NECESSARY AT ALL, but for those of you who have asked — consider yourself answered.



Thanks to all who have signed up their little athletes for our first kids-only program.  We are thrilled to report we are at max capacity, and we are so grateful that you are as excited as we are.  Given the demand and pending feedback from this first cycle we will surely be looking to expand this program!



(10-12 minutes per station)


10-15 GHD sit ups 

20 Second L Sit (or L hang from pull up bar)

30 Second Plank 

4 Rounds 


Max meters in 3 minutes 

3 minutes rest 

Max meters in 3 minutes 


50 M farmers carry 

100 m shuttle sprint 

Rest 30 seconds

8 min Amrap

(Walk down and back, drop the KBs,  then run down and back 2x)

Rinse and repeat for 8 minutes!

COVE COACH’S TIP:  There is rest time built into this workout (within each station AND as we transition from station to station) so GO ALL OUT on each movement.  This will be interval training at it’s finest and the combination of movements will hit everything from agility to stability.

Jonathan H. looking strong on his split jerk…


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