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Man do I love seeing all the PRs on “Fran” today in WODIFY! With the year coming to a close and a new year starting we are going to continue rolling out the PRs. How? With our new Goal Wall! We will be wiping the Goal Wall clean and starting anew for 2017.


I can hear you all now- “What?! You can’t erase my goals!”, “But I still haven’t checked everything off!”, “Did Jo ever meet Old Man Manicotti?!”

We’re not here to abolish your goals but rather give your more guidance to help you achieve them! In order to achieve your goals they must be SMART:





Time Bound

Here are some quick guidelines for the new Goal Wall:

3 goals per person at a time- We are not trying to limit your goals here, but we’re trying to channel your focus. If you write down 15 goals on the board, how do you choose which one(s) to focus on?! By focusing on 3 at a time you can give each goal equal amount of attention and practice. Not to mention we have a lot more members and need more goal space. (P.s. the 3 goals is just for the Goal Wall, you should have a personal list written down somewhere with way more than 3 goals)

Goals should be able to be achieved in 2-3 months- You should have both short-term and long-term goals. For example, say your long-term/ultimate goal is a Muscle Up but you can’t do 1 strict pullup, butterfly chest-to-bar pullups, and dips. You should be focusing on a strict pullup first. If you feel like 2-3 months isn’t a long enough time to develop a strict pullup then you can make even shorter-term goals such as being able to move from a green to a blue band in all pullup WODs or being able to do 10 inverted ring rows. By breaking down your long-term goals into a bunch of short-term goals you will be able to keep checking off goals in a timely manner and that will give you the juice to keep plugging along!

Try to vary your goals (maybe have 1 gymnastics goal, 1 weightlifting, 1 metabolic conditioning)- This one is coming straight from Coach Maria and it is a fantastic idea! We want to be as well rounded in CrossFit as we can- we need to be strong, have great body control, and have a good metabolic conditioning capacity (or a “good engine”). By varying your goals you will force yourself to work on all aspects of your fitness.

With all that being said these are just guidelines. If you want to work on just strength, by all means go ahead. But you are going to feel like you’re dying during metcons. If you want to focus on all cardio, by all means go ahead. But nobody wants to hear you complain about not getting stronger.

If you are having trouble coming up with goals or what to focus on talk to a coach. We will be having some Goal Setting Sessions coming up here pretty soon but we will have more information on that in the future.

2017 is going to be a great year!!!!