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Our hearts continue to go out to those affected by the flooding in Ellicott City and the surrounding areas.  As you know, our annual Pub Crawl is typically held in Old EC.  Due to the devastation and following the online poll, we will be moving to Fell’s Point this year.   As a reminder, it will be on Saturday, June 16th at NOON.  We will be posting the exact bars list and locations shortly, so stay tuned. BUT MARK THOSE CALENDARS if you haven’t already!



14 min AMRAP:

10 DB Deadlifts

10 DB Push Press (hold two DBs 5 push press on each arm)

10 Sit ups

(one person works on person rests)

At 16 minutes:

100 DB Burpees

100 DB Step ups

*Complete as a team switch on and off however you would like.

*Time cap 26 minutes


 Coach’s Tip: 

We are introducing some new movements to everyone.  Focus on proper positions and not speed.  Here are descriptions of each movement:

DB Deadlifts – DO NOT need to touch the ground.  Just mid shin, put an emphasis on form over depth.

DB Push Press- hold two DBs but press 5 on L then 5 on Right.  Focus on good dip position and up right posture.

DB Burpees- Hold two DBs, drop down for a burpee then stand up with the DBs (no jump and clap)

DB Step ups- Adjust the height of the step up so you can hold good position.  No rounded back sloppy step ups.


Joey F. looking super strong on the swings…

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