June 8th, 2018 — Crossfitcove

June 8th, 2018

Hey athletes!  Bar Muscle-Up practice for tomorrow along with some upper body hypertrophy work.  For the Bar MUs, we want you to really focus on “pulling around the bar” and using your lats to initiate and keep the tension through the actual pull, not treat it like a C2B pullup and just try to pull as high as you can.  Practice being patient in the backswing/hollow positions and let the pull around develop, don’t try to rush it (hence, turning it into a C2B pullup).  We will have some videos for some drills.  For the hypertrophy work, focus on the muscles that you are supposed to be using (i.e. your lats and back muscles for the rows, chest and triceps for the bench press, and back shoulders for the pullaparts).  Mind-muscle connection is a big key here.




Bar MUs

Spend 15 min working on Bar MUs

*see videos

If proficient with Bar MU complete:

5 x 5 Bar MUs

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| BMU 3 POSITION DRILL | ….. ▪️I say it a lot at our @cfgymnastics courses “Approach gymnastics skills as you would weightlifting. Build technique & strength in each position- then combine the parts to make a whole.” …… ▪️Just like you train positions with a PVC pipe – here we train EACH position in a scaled version to build muscle memory and better technique. ….. 🔺BUILD ON EACH POSITION: ▪️You can see each round a skill is added. Until you understand & correctly execute a position – do not move on. Work on virtuosity 🤸‍♂️ 🔹bending your arms in position 2? Then work that until you can pull down on bar in hollow with straight arms! 🔹Reiterating bad movement will just frustrate you in the end and won’t build a better foundation ….. Bra& 👟@reebok Video @risingcrossfit ……….. 🔹Check out @cfgymnastics & training.crossfit.com/gymnastics to join a weekend course! ….. #cfgcoach #cfgymnastics #mastersgamesathlete #crossfitgames #crossfit #crossfittraining #reebok #wodndone #gymnasty #gymgypsyjournal #risingcrossfit #reebok #pamelagnon #gymnastics #pamelagnonrepostit

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4 sets:

10 Double KB Rows

10 Bench Press

15 Banded Pullaparts

*you choose weights and bands, should be weight you can do unbroken

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