June 13th, 2018 — Crossfitcove

June 13th, 2018

Hey athletes!  Double the dose of gymnastics tomorrow.  Once again, our focus is work capacity so high reps.  For the T2B our focus is CONSECUTIVE reps.  If you cannot string together at least 5 consecutive reps, pull yourself back a little and work the movements that you can do consecutively.  You do yourself no good at practicing inefficient singles when the focus is capacity.  For the Ring Dips we want everyone getting on the rings, even if you have to use a band.  We want you to be exposed to that element.  Take a look at the video breaking down the ring dip setup and the kipping ring dip.  Enjoy!





Complete 6 sets:

10-15 T2B

*rest 2 min


Rx  Toes-to-Bar

Sc  10 Swinging Leg Raises + 5 Toes-to-Barbell




Ring Dips

10-15 minutes working on Kipping Ring Dips

If proficient with Ring Dips do 5 x 5-10 Dips (kipping or strict)

*2 min rest

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