Tuesday 10/2/2018 — Crossfitcove

Tuesday 10/2/2018


Hey Covies! If you did not sign up to compete at Clash at the Cove this weekend, you can still play a major role in the success of the day!  We are actively seeking volunteers for judging, scoring and equipment management.  Please sign up at the white board at the gym!




Front Squats

2 x 6 (70%) (same)

2 x 4 (75%-80%)(same or increase)

3-3 (80% +)(increase)


P/PP Mods:

Front squats off rack

Work on different breathing patterns to see what feels best




For time:



**___Doubles after each set**


*15 min time cap


Fitness: 75/55 (100 Singles)

Performance: 95/65 (50 Doubles)

Open: 115/75 (60 Doubles)


P/PP Mods:

-Thruster off rack or DB thrusters

-Athlete’s choice for doubles (6 assault bike cals OR 15 fast & light slam balls)


Coach’s Tip: It’s all about the legs today!  Start the day with some heavy Front Squats and finish it with lighter Thrusters.  Pick a weight for the Thrusters that you can do every “round” in no more than 3 sets.  Make sure you spend a little extra time after class stretching and mobilizing your hips and quads.


The Nooners going heavy off the rig…

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