With almost half the gym competing in this weekend’s Clash at the Cove in one way or another we thought we’d share some useful nutritional information that will help you optimize your performance Saturday!  Some of you who have competed before have probably read Coach Brittany’s post on the Cove Club FB group, but it is certainly worth sharing more broadly:

Competition Day Nutrition

Eat a solid breakfast ideally 2 hours before you compete.  Heats will begin just after 9 (with scaled teams going first) so most of you should be having a meal between 7 and 8am. That meal should be high in complex/starchy carbs (sweet potato, oatmeal etc.) and add in some protein and just a little fat.

30 mins prior to your even have some carbs that are high on the glycemic index. Have something like a banana, dried fruit or workout carbs (a little more sugary). These will provide you fast energy.

Post WOD 1.  Have a protein shake and a little more carbs to aid in recovery and fuel you for the next event.

From here you have to go based on how you feel. I do snacks and small meals through my comp days then eat a solid meal after the last event then again in 2-3 hours. Have some more starchy carbs post WOD 2.

Keep your fat lower through out the day as fat takes longer to digest.

Pack a cooler and stock it with things like…
-deli turkey
-chicken or meat/protein of your choice
-banana, apple, strawberries
-dried fruit
-fig newtons (not promoting cookies but pre workout these are great!)
-overnight oats, sweet potatoes, butternut squash
-chocolate Fairlife milk!!!!
-protein powder and bars

Eat a balance meal when you are done. Remember to snack and eat throughout the day to avoid a blast of hunger and binging in the evening. You all are going to work hard so treat yourself to something but do not use the competition as an excuse to eat 3x as much as you need.

The following day you may find yourself more hungry. If it’s a rest day (which it should be. Active recovery/yoga at most) eat as a training day vs rest to aid in your recovery!!!



For time:

400m 1-arm Farmers Carry (KB or DB, switch when needed)

500/400m Row

50 Burpee Box Jumps

500/400m Row

400m 1-arm Farmers Carry (KB or DB, switch when needed)


*20 min time cap


P/PP Mods:

-Modify farmers’ carry distance if necessary

-Sub modified box burpee step ups (modify volume if necessary)




4 rounds:

:40 on, :20 off

High Plank

Hollow Hold

Flutter Kick


P/PP Mods:

Sub supported side plank (switch at 20 seconds)

Sub 10 bird dogs for hollow hold

Sub 5/ side windmill for flutter kicks


Coach’s Tip: A little something different today with a  mix of slow and fast movements.  You should aim to hit 7-10 Burpee Box Jumps per minute. That section should not take more than 8 minutes.  Keep your midline (abdominals, obliques, and torso) as tall as possible and don’t just try to lean to counter-balance the weight on the carries.


A throwback pic from 2016 Clash at the Cove. Mike K. and Gerard are both making repeat performances on a ladder! We couldn’t be more excited!



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