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Monday 10/8/2018



Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to express our TREMENDOUS appreciation to all of you.  This weekend was everything we hoped for (and more) and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such an amazing community at the Cove.  We have countless photos and stories to share and will be posting in the coming days, but the memories have been engrained forever.

We would like to extend an extra special thanks to our incredible volunteers.  From the transition of gear between WODs… to scoring… to judging… without them and their generosity none of this would have been possible.

Because there are hundreds of photos, I’ll be posted them UNEDITED tomorrow on Flickr.  You’ll be able to download them and edit as you’d like!  Stay tuned for the link!





Pull-up Cycle

4-5 sets:

15-20 Second Wide Grip Chin above the bar hold

10 Barbell Rows (barbell on pull up bar)

10 Leg Raises (laying on the ground)


Muscle-up cycle

EMOM for 7 min:

4 Muscle ups


(on low rings)

4 Ring Rows (false grip)

4 Turn Overs (false grip)

4 Ring Dips


P/PP Scales:

10 Barbell J-hook rows or ring rows

10 Box Dips

10 Is / Ys & Ts





For time:

___ Double Unders

20 Hanging Power Clean

60 Wall Balls

20 Hanging Power Clean

___ Double Unders


*15 min time cap


Fitness: 200 Singles  (95/65)(14/10)

Performance: 100 Doubles (135/95)(20/14)

Open: 150 Doubles (155/105)(20/14)


P/PP Scales:

Athlete’s choice: sub rope waves or 10 assault bike cals for doubles

DB Power Cleans

Mod Wall Ball weight or volume as needed


Coach’s Tip:  Gymnastics cycle will be coming to a close soon and will end at 8 weeks.  Keep hammering your form and focusing on technique and building strength!  The Double Unders should take 2-3 minutes and the Hang Power Cleans should be a load that you can move in sets of 5-8.

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