Thursday 10/11/2018 — Crossfitcove

Thursday 10/11/2018


Join us on Sunday,  November 4th as we tackle Double-Unders!  We will be hosting THREE separate 30-45-minute sessions back-to-back — each session dedicated to different levels of proficiency.  We will start at 9am with the “Novice” session.  This is for athletes trying to get their first double under, or have done a double, but cannot put more than one together.  The intermediate session will be designed to serve the athlete who has some doubles, but is looking to get better at stringing bigger sets together.  The 11am “Proficient” session will be for those who can string large sets (30-50) and are looking to increase efficiency in workouts.  You are welcome to come to multiple sessions!  We will put a sign up board at the gym so please reserve your spot.  The gym will be open for Open Gym that day, but the space and equipment priorities will go to the clinic.  Thank you in advance for your understanding!





4 Rounds for Time:

10/8 Cal Assault Bike Sprint

20 DB Step ups on a box

10 Burpees

Rest 1 minute


*20 min Time cap (with rest)


P/PP Scales:

Optional unweighted step ups or side steps

Modified Burpees




For 7 minutes

:20 High Plank

:20 Side Plank R

:20 Side Plank L

**Rest when needed, but try to go all the way through


P/PP Scales:

Side planks & bird dogs


Coach’s Tip:  A hard sprint rest workout today.  Assault bike should be 1 minute, step ups should be about 2 minute or less and 10 Burpees should be about 1 minute.


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