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Double Metcon


For time:



Box Jumps

*9 min time cap

Fitness: 205/135 (20/18)

Performance: 275/165 (24/20)

Open: 315/225 (30/24)

P/PP Mods:

Optional sumo DL set up

Athlete’s Choice: Sub Russian KB swings for box jumps or Box Step ups / Side steps

Rest 5 min



__ Ring Dips

__ Push ups

20/15 Assault Bike Assault Bike Cals

Rest ~2 minutes

Not scored

*15 min to complete

Fitness- 8 Box Dips/ 12 Pushups

Performance- 9 Ring Dips/12 Pushups

Open- 12 Ring Dips/15 Pushups


 P/PP Mods:

Sub box dips for ring dips – if coning, sub DB tricep kick backs

Box / inclined push ups

Modify bike cals if needed

Coach’s Tip:  Today we have a pair of metcons  with a short rest between. The first workout should be a sprint of deadlifts and box jumps. Pick a weight that you can move quickly (you should be able to handle 10 reps easily) and ensure you are keeping your back in a good position and moving at the hips. After those deadlifts really focus on being explosive with your box jumps. That first box jump after deadlifts is a challenge.

Workout two is going to really tax your pressing muscles as we pair dips and push ups. Focus on good position  of  the shoulders and a tight plank with those push ups. Once you complete the dips push ups, it’s full out attack on the assault bike. You will get  two glorious minutes of rest when done.

This guy is pumped for Tuesday’s assault bike sprints!


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