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Thursday 11/29/2018



EMOM for 4 minutes- 1 Snatch from the High Hang (mid thigh or above)

EMOM for 4 minutes- 1 Snatch from the Low Hang (just above the knee)

EMOM for 4 minutes- 1 Squat Snatch

*athletes choice of Power of Squat variation
*increase weight as desired


P/PP Mods:

EMOM 4- 12 Alt DB snatch

EMOM 4- 12 DB thrusters (light weight, stack ribs over hips in OH position)

EMOM 4- 12 Goblet squats




4 Rounds for Time:

300/200 M Row

18 Burpees

6 Snatch


*15 minute time cap


Fitness: 10 snatches 75/55

Performance: 135/95

Open: 155/105 (squat snatch)


P/PP Mods:

Focus on position during row, avoid leaning back too much / avoid coning of abs

Modified / box burpees

Sub DB hang snatch (4/side – 8 total)


Coach’s Tip:  Great skill work and plenty of time to work on the different positions of the Snatch.  The time cap for the metcon can be aggressive for some so make sure you keep pace with the burpees.


Carlos S with a great catch position of the Snatch

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