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Monday 12/3/2018



We’ve got a really great week coming up, with a focus on heavy squats, tons of variety — along with a fun benchmark workout.  Monday we go heavy on the back squat and your focus should be set squarely on this part of the day.  While we fatigue our legs with some air squats in the WOD, this spicy body weight Tabata workout is the perfect way to round out a heavy leg day.




Back Squats

5 x 4

@ 80% across

*2o minutes




TABATA 8 rounds each

(20 sec work, 10 sec rest for four minutes for each movement)

Air Squats

Sit Ups

Push Ups

*score your lowest number of reps per round for each movement

(For example, if you did the following for Air Squats- 15/15/14/15/12/16/15/15, you score for Air Squats would be 12 as it’s the lowest number of reps)


Coach’s Tip:  Focus today is on the Back Squats.  Work up to your working weight in about 3-4 quick warm-up sets then hit it.  Great bodyweight Metcon to finish out.  TABATA workouts are all about CONSISTENCY and range of motion.  Leave 1-2 reps in the tank so you don’t fall off too hard at the end.


Kati M. has grown tremendously here at the Cove.  Here she is crushing the erg!

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