Thursday 12/6/2018 — Crossfitcove

Thursday 12/6/2018



12 min to find a heavy complex-

1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk


P/PP Mods:

Focus on alignment – stack ribs over hips

Can opt for strict press or push press if jerk / split is no longer comfortable




For time:

25 Shoulder to Overhead

30 Toes to Bar

25/18 Cal bike

30 Toes to Bar

25 Shoulder to Overhead


Fitness: 95/65

Performance: 115/75

Open: 135/95


P/PP Mods:

DB PP or barbell presses from rack

Sub slam balls for T2B – modify volume as needed


Coach’s Tip:  A little strength and skill work for the first part, working both the Push Jerk and Split Jerk.  Focus here should be stability in the shoulders and footwork.


Debra has been crushing it. Here she takes on the erg!

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