Tuesday 2/5/2019 — Crossfitcove

Tuesday 2/5/2019


February 15th Winter BBQ:  We will be grilling and playing classic BBQ games at the gym.  Think of it like like an indoor summer party!  Starts officially at 7:30p after the 6:30 class, but feel free to come earlier.  Please bring something to share!

February 17th Partner Yoga:  The softer side of a Partner WOD!  Grab your friend, partner, or spouse for this special 90 minute workshop of stretching & relaxing.  Double the recovery after a long week of work by releasing tight muscles & alleviating tension & stress.   This awesome event will be at NOON on Sunday (in lieu of regular yoga).

February 22nd Friday Night Lights:  We ring in the first week of the Open with the first FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at the Cove!




Every 45 seconds for 10 sets:

1 Hang Power Clean

*Build up in weight


P/PP Mod

If belly impedes bar path – sub DBs for 5x hang power clean (optional increase weight)




3 Rounds For Time:

“Grip City”

25 Toes to Bar

20/15 Calorie Row

15 Deadlifts

10 Hang Power Cleans


Time Cap: 20 min


Fx: 115/75, Leg Raise

P: 135/95

O: 155/105


P/PP Mod

Sub L-sit plate raises or kneeling plate raises, keep shoulders, ribs and hips stacked, exhale on lift, inhale on lower

Modify calories as necessary

Optional sumo stance DLs OR work off blocks / plates if belly gets in the way of conventional stance

Sub DBs for Hang Power Cleans


Coach’s Tip: All the grip today.  You can save a little bit of it by utilizing the hook grip on the light Deadlifts and Hang Power Cleans.  Don’t go to failure on any movement as your grip won’t recoup.


Dominic making the final sprint to his teammates (Natalie and Carlos) in WOD 3 of Battle of Baltimore!

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