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Wednesday 2/6/2019



Several of you have asked about the slideshow from the anniversary party.  Here are 1000+ photos capturing all our hard work (and a lot of fun) from the last year!  Click on the photo below to see the entire Flickr album.  Enjoy!


Cove 2018 Year in Review




“Decisions Decisions”

100 Front Squats

*Every time you drop the barbell, you must complete 15 burpees before proceeding with the squats

*The barbell must stay in the front rack position at all times, no resting the bar in a back squat or deadlift hold position.



Time Cap: 15 minutes


Fx: 75 Front Squats, 95/65

P: 115/75

O: 135/95


P/PP Mod

“Decisions Decisions”

100 Front Squats – modify volume as necessary

*break into sets of 10 with a low squat hold for 30 seconds in between or modify burpees as necessary



3 rounds

:45 flutter kicks/:15 sec rest

:45 tuckups/:15 sec rest

:45 hollow rock hold/:15 sec rest

1:00 minute rest

12 Minute Total


P/PP Mod

Avoid being on back after 1st trimester

Sub 3 rounds

:45 on / :15 off – bird dogs, slow and controlled

:45 on / :15 off – Pallof press right side

:45 on / :15 off – Pallof press left side

1:00 minute rest


Coach’s Tip: A salty metcon that requires some strategy.  Bigger sets of Front Squats is going to be key so you may have to push past your perceived threshold a few times.


Another gem from the Cove Four Year Anniversary Bash!

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