Saturday 3/9/2019 — Crossfitcove

Saturday 3/9/2019

Great job on 19.3! Although this workout was so daunting to so many, we actually saw so many breakthroughs!  We heard the PR gong ring for first-time hand stand push-ups and several athletes went RX for the first time. It was an amazing night here at the Cove!

If you still need to do 19.3, we ask that you work around the class needs for space and equipment.  There are two lanes designated in the back of the gym, but if we need the space for a big class, please wait until it is free.  Thank you in advance!





Buy in: ____ Strict Pull Ups

75 = M/M pair

70 = M/F pair

65 = F/F pair

(bands allowed for scaled pull ups)


3 Rounds of the following:

20 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

40 DB Renegade Rows (split reps; 40 total)

60 Hang Clean and Jerk (split reps; 60 total)


Time Cap: 30 min



FX: 25/10 DB, 95/65

P & O: 35/25 DB, 115/75




“Free Solo” Challenge

Max Time One Arm Hang from Rig

Rest 1 minute

Max Time other arm hang from rig


Coach’s Tip: Awesome, longer partner workout for Saturday.  19.3 was pretty short so lets work on a little endurance with a partner.


Coach Madison taking her husband for a walk…

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