Tuesday 3/12/2019 — Crossfitcove

Tuesday 3/12/2019



Every 90 seconds for 9 min (6 sets):

2 Squat Cleans

*Same weight across (~70-80% of 1RM)




“Decisions Decisions- the Sequel”

For time:

81 Thrusters

81 Calorie Row

81 Pull-ups

*Athlete can break up the reps and sets into whatever format they want


Time Cap: 20 min


Fx: J-hook row, 75/55

P: 95/65

O: 95/65, C2B


Coach’s Tip: Metcon comes down to strategy.  Chip away at your weak movements early but throw some of your stronger movements in there to break it up.  Finish up strong!


The Open is electric at the Cove!  Anna B. crushing it per usual…

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