Friday 4/12/2019 — Crossfitcove

Friday 4/12/2019




“Walk the Plank”

*Partner must hold plank if not working

Buy-in: 300 ft. bear crawl

3 rounds-

100 DU

20 Front Squats

40 TTB

60 Alt. DB Snatch

Buy-out: 300 ft. HS Walk


Time Cap: 35 min

Fx: 2:1 Single Under, 115/75, 35/25, Hanging Leg Raise, bear crawl instead of HS walk

P: 135/95, 50/35

O: 155/105, 50/35

Coach’s Tip:  A combination of weights and bodyweight movements.  Play to your strengths and break work up however you see fit.

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