4/20/2019 — Crossfitcove



EMOM for 16 min:

Odd- 1 Snatch + 1 OHS (increase weight as desired)

Even- 1 Rope Climb


15 min AMRAP:

12 1-arm DB Squat Snatch (alternating)

9 Pullups


Rx+ 50/35 DB, Strict Pullups, Strict HSPUs

Rx  50/35 DB, C2B Pullups

F  35/25 DB, Regular Pullups, 2 Wall Walks

Coach’s Tip:  Both Olympic lifting and gymnastics strength to start off.  Then, a metcon with some single arm work plus plenty more gymnastics.  Stimulus for the day is strength movements in the middle of a metcon but you shouldn’t be taking super long breaks.

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