4/27/2019 — Crossfitcove



15 mins to find a heavy complex:

Front Squat + 2 Reverse Front Rack Lunges + Front Squat



“Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down”

For time:
50 Double Unders
5 Rounds For Time
10 Hang Clean & Jerks (95/65)
50′ Overhead Walking Lunge (95/65)

*Any time the bar is dropped, 50 Double Unders.
*Bar can rest in any position but cannot go below the knees.
*If bar is dropped during set of hang clean & jerks, pick up where you left off.
*If bar is dropped during 50′ overhead walking lunge, start over at the beginning of the 50′ marker.


Coach’s Tip:  Hold on to that barbell or those calves are going to be on fire!

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