The Cove is happy to announce our first Teachers Appreciation Week(s)! As a way to say THANK YOU to all the teachers who work so hard, starting Monday May 6th we will be running FREE foundations classes AND offering two additional weeks of free classes.

As teachers who give so much to others, we want to give a little back to you.  We also want you to take away strength and skills that will translate far beyond the gym.  We know it can help you mentally, just as much (if not more) that it will physically.  In addition to giving you that hour a day you deserve for yourself, it will also reinforce that correlation between hard work and success  you teach everyday in the classroom.  It will emphasize the power of a great instructor. And it will elevate your belief in teamwork.  We want to help you become stronger inside and out.   And best of all, you’ll learn a ton AND have a lot of fun.

To participate you must attend our three Foundations Classes.  The dates and topics covered are:

Monday, May 6th at 6:30pm – Squatting and Pressing

Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30pm – Deadlifts and Cleans

Thursday, May 9th at 6:30pm – Snatches and Pull Ups

These classes are designed to give you the basic skills necessary to move safely and smartly in the gym.  You can then enjoy two free weeks of classes after that!.  If you have prior CrossFit experience, you can forgo the into classes and join us in regular classes starting May 6th! Just email us at to reserve your spot.

If you are a current teacher, faculty or school staff member, head to the Cove and let us say THANK YOU for all you do!




If you signed up for the Body Composition Challenge, the kick off meeting is today at 7:45 at the Cove.  If you haven’t yet signed up and still want to, it’s not too late!  As a reminder, here are the key dates!

Friday, May 3rd @ 7:45pm- Kick Off Meeting

Sunday, May 5th @ 10am-12pm- Initial Scans*, 7pm- 1st Week Facebook Live

Saturday, June 15th @ 12pm-2pm- Post Challenge Scans

Sunday nights @ 7pm- Facebook LIVE video on Habit/Nutrition/Programming focus for the week (video will be available for reviewing and notes will be emailed out)

We are so excited by the tremendous participation. Changing habits requires dedication and commitment, but it is SO much easier when you are supported by like-minded friends.  Let’s do this!





Minute 0:00-2:00

Partner 1: Max Pullup

Partner 2: Max Box Jumps


Minute 2:00-4:00

(Switch stations)


Minute 4:00-6:00

Partner 1: Max Power Snatch

Partner 2: Max Thruster


Minute 6:00-8:00

(Switch Stations)


Minute 8:00-12:00

Max Calorie Row (Rest as needed)


Rest 3 minutes


Repeat for one more round!


Fx: J-hook Row, 18/12, 75/55

P/O: 24/20, 95/65


Coach’s Tip:  A great opportunity for athletes to get some solo work in while being part of a team.  Strategy really comes in to play during the row.


Stephen G. flies through the air with the greatest of ease…


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