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As you know, Murph is coming this coming Monday!  We are expecting big crowds so please make sure you sign up for a heat time.  We do this to ensure the safety of our athletes first and foremost, so if you don’t get your desired heat time — do not fret.  There will be plenty of people there to keep you company, cheer you on and making sure you have a great and SAFE day.

  We’ve posted some information on hydration already, so we hope everyone is drinking AT LEAST their body weight in ounces of water!  Hydration is critical to a successful Murph, so you’d better be drinking up.  Ideally we should be doing this EVERY DAY, but in the days leading to Murph it is a MUST.

For those of you newer to this CrossFit tradition where we will honor Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Murphy, here is some more information.  Monday’s classes will be replaced with a morning-long event where we will be completing the CrossFit hero WOD titled “Murph”.  This is meant to be a day for community and remembrance, and we want everyone to have FUN and stay HEALTHY as they tackle this challenging WOD.  Many people are doing teams (which we love!) and we are thrilled to see everyone strategizing the best way to make this a safe and amazing day.

The day will kick off at 10am SHARP with a few words about the day and the singing of our National Anthem.  The first heat will go IMMEDIATELY after, so if you are going in heat one, try to arrive with enough time to get in a good warm up (between 9:30 and 9:45).  We will have warm ups written up in advance so you can feel free to warm up on your own.

Because we are expecting large numbers, we are asking people to sign up for these heats in advance. We will run two heats (three if needed) so please put your name in one of the columns.  We will have 30 spots for each heat, so if you are doing a team, only pick ONE box.  Just put put both your names (or more if you are doing it in threes or fours!) in the single cell so we know who’s on a team and who’s going individual).  If you are still looking for a partner or want advice on how to best approach this workout for YOU, talk to any Coach.  That’s what we’re here for!

You can sign up for your HEAT TIME HERE





Max Set HSPU or seated DB Press (25/15#)




3 Rounds for Time-


15 Box Jumpovers

9 Deadlifts


Time Cap: 12 min


Fx: Box Pike Pushups, 18/12, 155/105

P: Kipping, 24/20, 275/185

O: Strict, 30/24, 315/215




3 rounds-

10 Strict TTB

10 Tuckups

1:00 high plank


Fx: hanging leg raise

Rest between rounds as needed


Coach’s Tip:  Start off with a mini challenge of overhead strength and endurance.  For the metcon, break the HSPUs and Deadlifts up when needed and don’t go to fatigue.


NOBODY loves a barbell more than this guy.  Arthur sets up for some squat cleans!

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