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School is out for the kids, but that doesn’t mean they get all the fun!  Lots of great things happening this month, so here’s what you need to know!

FRIDAY, 6/21:  Bring a Friend Friday. 5:30p

SATURDAY, 6/22:  Cove Annual Bar Crawl, 12P Ellicott City

SUNDAY, 6/30: CrossFit Kids Classes begin again 9:30am

All the details are below:

Yep, Bring a Friend Fridays are back!  For THREE Fridays this summer we will be holding community WODs that are open to your friends and family (or anyone else you’ve been trying to bring to the dark side)!

While we encourage friends to come experience the Cove any time, these community events allow you to share the Kool Aid in more ‘welcoming’ way.   First, we can program workouts that are not only challenging for YOU (the experienced athlete), but are also designed to be more accessible to a newbie.  Secondly, there’s a good chance your friend won’t be the only newbie in class.  There’s nothing more daunting than coming to a class chock full of movements you’ve never heard of and being an ‘outsider’ in a full class of people who all know each-other well.  And lastly, we can provide a glimpse of the community that bonds us even beyond fitness.  So, three Fridays this month we will be doing “Bring a Friend Friday”!

Friday, June 21st: 5:30pm class

Friday, July 12th: 5:30pm class

Friday, August 16th: 5:30pm class

We’ll bring out the grill for the afternoon classes (so people can bring food to cook or eat a hot dog we’ll make for you).  Hit the 5:30pm class with a friend (or make a new one) and chill after.  We’ll do our best to keep the beer fridge full (with water too!) but feel free to bring in something tasty to share!



The Covies are set to invade Ellicott City for the 4th Annual Cove Pub Crawl! Get ready for a day of fun as we hit bar after bar in beautiful, historic Ellicott City. This event CANNOT be missed! Everything you need to know will be posted on the COVE ELLICOTT CITY PUB CRAWL FB Event Page. SEE YOU THERE!



Yep, it’s time to start up another round for our fire-breathers!  The classes will be designed for kids ages 5-10 (*please note due to numerous requests we have adjusted the age but 5 year olds — but they should be turning 6 this summer & entering 1st grade in the Fall).  While we will fill class with fun activities and games, a big goal of the program is teach your children the foundational movements that will serve them well in the long term (in sports AND in life!). with the schedule as follows:

Session 1:
Sunday, June 30th: 9:30 – 10:15a
Sunday, July 7th: 9:30 – 10:15a
Sunday, July 14th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, July 21st 9:30-10:15a

Session 2:
Sunday, July 28th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 4th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 11th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 25th 9:30-10:15a
(*no class the 18th because of Pool WOD)

If we have enough interest we would consider opening another session at 10:15 to an even younger set, but narrowing the age group will allow us to be more productive teaching-wise and development-wise.

As always, it is family fitness at it’s finest!  You can get in your workout during Open Gym at the same your little one takes their first sips of the CrossFit Kool Aid!

The 4 week session costs $60 for Cove members and $75 for non-members (yes, friends are welcome!!)
**Sign up for both sessions (8 weeks) for $120 members or $150 non-members**

We are limiting the class to ten kids, so sign up soon!  Email us at info@CrossFitCove.com with the name of your child (and age) and you’re good to go!




“Earn your Skill Work”

Every 4 minutes for 24 minutes:

10/8 Cal Bike

50 DU

14 Alt. DB Snatch

Odd rounds: remaining time max HSPU

Even rounds: remaining time max Pistols


Fx: Seated DB Press, Pistol Scale of choice, 35/25# DB

P: 50/35#

O: 50/35#, Strict HSPU


Coach’s Tip:  We want everyone to get at least 1 min of skill work each round.  Bike should be less than 1 min, DUs should be less than 1 min, and DB Snatches should be about 30-45 sec.


Everyone’s working on their fitness!

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