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Hey athletes!  We have had a few questions about the InBody Scanner so here is a bit more information on what it does and how you can utilize it as an athlete at the Cove.  The scan offers great data to capture a moment in time — whether it’s the beginning of your journey, a stop along the way or hitting a final goal.  The scans reveal a lot, but here are a few data points that are useful benchmarks:

1. Bio markers such as weight, body fat percentage, and Skeletal Muscle Mass.  Whether your goal is to lean out or add muscle these bio markers can give us a look to see if you are on the right path. 

2. The InBody Scanner keeps record of your specific results over time to give you a comparison and track your results.  Unless you know how to read the data, at times it can seem misleading.  For example, you can have your body fat percentage go down, muscle mass go up, and gain weight.  Be sure your are comparing apples to apples.  Muscle and fat are different measures, so be sure to talk to us if you don’t understand how your numbers are shifting.

3. Segmental Lean Analysis is a look at how symmetrical your body is with regards to your muscle distribution.  This can be a great tool for performance, aesthetics, and injury prevention.  As athletes, we want to be as muscularly balanced as possible so our movement can be balanced as well.  The Segmental Lean Analysis gives us a good look at any body segment that may be lagging in strength.

4. Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of energy (or calories) that your body needs to function daily.  It takes energy to do everything that we do- walk, talk, chew our food, workout, for our body to process our food.  If you aren’t taking in enough energy to just function, chances your performance in the gym and changes in your body are slowed.  This number gives you a baseline to simply stay alive, so it’s an important number as you determine your caloric or macronutrient intake.

Checking these markers every so often can be a good tool to help you on your road to success.  Although we don’t want to get obsessed with the numbers, they can be useful data to help along the way.

Scans are $20 and can be billed directly to your Wodify account.  Send us an email HERE if you want to set one up!



“The Khalipa Special”

EMOM for 20 minutes:

Odds: __ Cal Row

Evens: __ Burpees

Fx: 12/10 cal, 10 burpees

P: 16/12 cal, 12 burpees

O: 20/15 cal, 15 burpees


*Score is the largest number of rounds you finish as a streak.

If you miss a round, you can rest the next round but your streak ends.

e.g. If I do 10 rounds, rest a minute and then do 8 rounds, my score is 10



Grab a partner

Row a 2K

breaking up however you want

The coach must do 20 burpees for every pair that finishes within these requirements:

Guy/Guy pair: Sub 6

Guy/Girl pair: Sub 6:20

Girl/Girl pair: Sub: 6:40


Coach’s Tip:  ALL the rowing today.  Rowing has similar mechanics to Deadlifting and Cleans.  Make sure to keep your heels relatively flat, use your legs, and pull the handles all the way to your chest.

Everyone loves a good ride on the erg!

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