Monday 7/15/2019 — Crossfitcove

Monday 7/15/2019

We continue our coaches series with “Creveling”. It starts with a barbell strength piece of snatches and finishes with 12 minute metcon of high skill gymnastics with just enough running to make it spicy.  We asked for Coach John for any advice for his workout and he told us to “SEND IT!”





Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes (8 sets)-

1 Squat Snatch





5 rounds-

1 Ring MU

4 Shuttle Sprints

4 Strict Pull-Up



*Cones separated by 25 feet. To one cone = one rep


Time Cap: 15 min


Fx: 3:1 Ring Row, J-Hook Row, Seated DB Press

P: As written

O: Strict Ring MU, Strict HSPU

Regrets- same as Open but no chalk, no fan, no music


Coach’s Tip:  Another installment of our Coaches WODs.  For the metcon, pick modifications that challenge you even if you have to break the small sets up.


This picture is just classic. It never gets old.

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