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If you are scratching your head thinking “who is coach Condon”… well, you missed a legend at the Cove.  Mike was a long time coach and all-around great guy that we were lucky to have for as long as we did.  He’s since moved to live his best life in Colorado with his amazing wife (and also coach!) Lyndsey, but their presence is still felt every day at the Cove.  He was one of the most generous coaches in every way, and one who just loved the beer fridge.


We’ve hit some muscle ups this week, but today we get to drill in with some skill work.

Just as Mike would have encouraged.




Skill Work

Ring Muscle Up Progressions

15 minutes




AMRAP in 14 min:

10 Pistols

5 Clean and Jerks

3 Ring MU


Fx: 1:1 Side Box Step Ups for Pistols, 95/65, 3:1 Ring Row for MUs

P: 135/95, Bar MU Option

O: 165/115

Regrets: IPA Finisher


Coach’s Tip:  “Cool”- Mike Condon



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