Thursday 7/25/2019 — Crossfitcove

Thursday 7/25/2019


It’s time to start up yet another round for our fire-breathers! This round of classes will be designed for kids ages 5-10. While we will fill class with fun activities and games (like ‘plank tunnels seen here!), a big goal of the program is teach your children the foundational movements that will serve them well in the long term (in sports AND in life!). with the schedule as follows:
Sunday, July 28th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 4th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 11th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 25th 9:30-10:15a
(*no class the 18th because of Pool WOD)
As always, it is family fitness at it’s finest! You can get in your workout during Open Gym at the same your little one takes their first sips of the CrossFit Kool Aid!

The 4 week session costs $60 for Cove members and $75 for non-members (yes, friends are welcome!!)

**Sign up for both sessions (8 weeks) for $120 members or $150 non-members**


Many of you know Coach Holden as the gentle giant who loves  mobility, techno, and Cove athletes. Holden may be a chill guy but his personal workout is far from that. It’s a double feature of two metcons – a blood bath of wall balls, d-balls, and an assault bike sprint and a strength/endurance piece of 50 back squats with penalty runs.


“Chocolate Thunder”

For Time:

30/24 Cal Bike

50 Wall Ball

20 DBall over the shoulder


Time Cap: 10 min


Fx: 14/10, 50/30

P: 20/14, 70/50

O: 20/14, 100/70

MetCon Part 2

“Holden’s worst nightmare”

50 Back Squats (from ground)


*If you drop the barbell, you must buy tickets to a Maroon 5 concert and then run a 200m


Time Cap: 10 min


Fx: 95/65

P: 135/95

O: 155/105

Regrets: No shoes

Coach’s Tip:  Coach Holden’s WOD today.  Lots of ridiculousness and cardio.  Make sure to wear suspenders do help keep the core tight during the Back Squats.

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