Wednesday 8/21/2019 — Crossfitcove

Wednesday 8/21/2019



The general goal of our programing is to increase our athletes capacities to do work. We use constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensities to achieve this goal and have had great success with it. In an effort to build on this philosophy in our programming we have added some additional “Accessory Work” recently. These pieces that are designed to increase mobility, stability, core strength, body awareness, tendon and ligament strength, and generally bulletproofing of our bodies from the demands of our training.

Working in conjunction with Jeff Fairman of FX Physical Therapy (looking forward to tomorrow’s free movement screens) we are continuing to tweak and improve our programming to create the best experience for our community of amazing athletes at the Cove. We all “enjoy” those killer metcons that challenge us and this additional programming will allow you to  go harder and ensure that you are safe as you push those limits.



3 sets of 12 reps-

Band Pullaparts (palms up)

Shoulder Extension Bridge

Kneeling KB Adductor Mobilization



“Skill and Power”

4 rounds-

5/3 Ring MU

2 Tire Flips

200m Run

*Just run to 200m mark and do tire flips before returning back to the gym

Time Cap: 15 min


Coach’s Tip: Gymnastics and strongman work for today.  Pick a scale for the Ring MUs that is challenging and needs work, but won’t fatigue you to the point where you start failing reps.

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