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A huge thank you to the team at FX Physical Therapy for coming in give give free Movement Screenings! We hope those lucky enough to secure a spot were able to evaluate their  mobility, movement quality, and symmetry. As we’ve discussed, the services they provide can be a useful tool for addressing pain, preventing future injuries, or optimizing performance.

If you missed the sessions or  want to book personal follow up sessions (or have any questions) feel free to hit up Jeff Fairman. While we can’t offer these for  free, Jeff and his team are amazing and will be happy to set something up for you!



“Third Time’s a Charm”


AMRAP in 3 min

Rest 1 min

AMRAP in 6 min

Rest 2 min

AMRAP in 9 min


*Try to get as far as you can in the chipper in the allotted time. You start at the top when you begin each AMRAP


5 Deadlift

10 Hang Power Cleans

15 Front Squats

20/15 Calorie Row

25 Shoulder to Overhead

30 Alternating DB Snatch

35 Pull Ups

40 Bar Facing Burpees


Fx: 95/65, 35/25, Ring Row

P/O: 135/95, 50/35


Coach’s Tip: Three separate AMRAPs that all start at the top with Deadlifts.  Who is going to get past a full round during the 9 min part?!


Pino!  Smirking or in the pain cave?!


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