Tuesday 9/10/2019 — Crossfitcove

Tuesday 9/10/2019

After talking to a number of Cove parents we have decided to make some changes for the upcoming Cove Kids Program.

We are moving the start date from September 8th to September 15th. With all the craziness with the first week of school we thought it would be good to move it back one week.

Instead of purchasing the entire program we are going to offer on a per class basis or through a punch card. We know how busy kids weekends are and thought this would be a great solution. A punch card for 5 classes will be $75 or the drop in cost if $18 per class. If your children have any interest in being part of this program please email us at info@crossfitcove.com so we can plan accordingly.




Every 90 seconds for 8 rounds (12 min):

1 Squat Clean + 1 Jerk




For time:

45 Clean and Jerk

45 Bar Facing Burpee

Time Cap: 15 min

Fx: 115/75

P: 155/105

O: 185/125

Coach’s Tip:  All olympic lifting today.  If you struggle with Clean and Jerks, make it in today to get some help from a coach.

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