Wednesday 9/11/2019 — Crossfitcove

Wednesday 9/11/2019

There are many traditions that make the Cove what it is and tomorrow we continue one of our most meaningful ones in remembrance of the fallen heroes of 9/11. We have a very special workout to reflect on this day and remember the lives lost and forever changed. In addition to the workout itself, we will be honoring the fallen first responders from 9/11 by doing 413 rope climbs as a gym.  During the 9/11 attacks, 413 firefighters, police officers, and EMTs lost their lives trying to save the lives of others —  and we will remember each and everyone with a climb.  As a gym, our goal is to accumulate 413 ascents (or scaled ascents). We recognize that each of us has our own story or loss surrounding that day, but our hope is that together we can lift each other up collectively.  We want everyone to contribute and be part of this!





1000 m row

11 Deadlifts

11 Power Snatch

11 Overhead Squat

11 Thrusters

11 Dball over the shoulder

11 Thruster

11 Overhead Squats

11 Power Snatches

11 Deadlifts

1001 m row


Time Cap: 30 min


Fx: 95/65 barbell, 50/30 Dball

P: 115/75, 70/50

O: 155/105, 100/70


Coach’s Tip:  Workouts like this aren’t meant to be PR days, per se.  They’re meant to  connect us in a special way and be a reminder life that is about something bigger and more important than the little things .  And maybe hug those you love extra tight.


Last year’s morning crew honoring the fallen with LOTS of rope climbs…

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