Thursday 9/12/2019 — Crossfitcove

Thursday 9/12/2019



“No weights”

5 rounds-

20 Box Jumps

15/10 Pushups

15 Pull-ups

20 Air Squats


Time Cap: 18 min


Fx: 20/18″

P/O: 24/20″




4 rounds-

:30sec barbell curls

:30sec rest

:30sec hanging knee raises

:30 sec rest

:30sec handstand hold

:30 sec rest

Scales for handstand hold:

Freestanding HS

HS hold against wall

Pike hold on box

Hold high plank


Coach’s Tip:  We are giving the weights a rest day today and going bodyweight.  If you struggle with bodyweight movements, come on it and work your weaknesses.

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