Yes, the Open has moved to THIS October!


For the experienced athlete, it is the time we look forward to all year.  For those new to this CrossFit thing, the Open is something you MUST know about and we urge you to consider trying!  While this epic event typically ran in February, this year it will run from October 10th – November 11th.  It’s the perfect way to stay focused on your health as we gear up for the holidays. Over the last few years we’ve had almost half our membership participate, and this year we want ALL of you!


What is the CrossFit Open anyway?  Most of us, regardless of our CrossFit history, have heard of the CrossFit Games (or at least have seen some people doing CrossFit at a VERY high level on TV or streaming).  The Open, simply put, one of the early stage qualifying rounds that determines who gets to go to the Games.  Given that most of us have no ambition of actually getting to the Games, the Open becomes a challenging and fun way to participate in a truly global CrossFit event.  It is a way measure yourself against athletes around the world and hold yourself to a higher quality of movement by adhering to the CrossFit Games standards.  We should also add that it is one of the most FUN things we do at the Cove all year long.


This five-week, five-workout competition is held by affiliates and garage gyms around the world. Workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. Anyone who’s at least 14 years old can sign up, and join in the first stage of the CrossFit Games season.  Again, this isn’t about getting to the Games, it’s about getting better in general (and having fun while doing it).


At the Cove, it becomes an event within the event.  Every Friday night we will get together for a ‘Friday Night Lights’ event.  We do the workout and all hang out and bask in its glory with food and drink afterwards.  It’s so much more than a weekly workout, it is a true community experience.  We will be posting more about the specifics of these social events in the coming weeks, but for now the priority is to get yourself officially signed up!


During the five weeks of the Open, we forgo our regular Friday partner workouts and the Friday workout IS the Open workout that week.  So if you think about it, you will really be doing the Open anyway… so you might as well sign up and make it official!  It costs $20 (goes to CrossFit headquarters, not us!) and it’s worth every penny:


  • You get to track your performances year over year to see improvements over time
  • You can see how your performance compares to everyone in your age division around the world and regionally (from global to state levels)
  • You become part of a cultural movement that consumes CrossFitters for an entire five weeks
  • You fortify the bond even further with your fellow Covies.  Like we said, this event is community at its finest!




10 Rounds of  the Following:


15 Air Squats
8 Burpees
1 Rope Climb
Time Cap: 20 min
Fx/P: As written
O: Legless


Coach’s Tip:  Your quads might feel the wall balls from Tuesday, but sets of 15 should be doable (and might even help you feel better after).  Burpees should be quick and the rope climb should be controlled.  This workout requires you to just keep moving.  Short breaks, if any, and keep a nice steady pace!



Hip Flexor Stretch with Exhale and OH Reach (10 reps per side)

Hip Adductor Stretch (10 reps per side)

Hip Internal and External Rotation Stretch (5 reps per side)


Everyone loves a good get-up!  Leslie E. is all smiles!

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