Friday 10/4/2019 — Crossfitcove

Friday 10/4/2019



1500m Row (Shared Reps)

50 TTB

80 Pistols*

100 Deadlift

120 KB Swings*

100 Deadlift*

80 Pistols

50 TTB*

1500m Row


*If the movement has an asterisk, you cannot do reps unless your partner is doing SU/DU


Fx: Hanging Leg Raise 1:1, Air Squat 2:1, 135/95 DL, 35/25 KB, SUs

P: 155/105 DL, 53/35 KB, DUs

O: 185/125 DL, 70/53 KB, DUs


Coach’s Tip: Shared reps for everything but one partner must be jumping rope while the other is doing movements with an asterisk next to it.  If the partner jumping rope stops, the partner performing reps must stop as well.

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