We are so excited for the CrossFit Open to start this THURSDAY!   We love the Open because it is the perfect balance of competition, community and fun here at the Cove and we’re mixing things up this year to reflect that even more!


For those of you who’ve been here a while, you know the Clash at the Cove (our annual in house competition that typically runs in October) is moving to the winter to accommodate the change in the Open dates.   So we’re going to use this Open timing to bring a bit of that competitive spirit that the Clash provided to our Friday Night Lights events.   We know the Open can be source of anxiety for some of you (especially those who have not done it before) so be assured that this is still about COMMUNITY and FUN!  But just like the Clash at the Cove is designed to do, we are firing up our competitive spirit in this safe place -– without judgement ––to test your limits and see what you are capable of!


To that end, we will be creating three “teams” that will act as a more intimate support system, connect us in news ways and dial up the shared experience the Open is meant to be. Please note that if you did not officially sign up for the Open, you can still participate.  But you MUST sign up on our roster list using THIS LINK by Wednesday at 5P.  Do not worry if you can’t  participate every week — you should STILL SIGN UP!  


Here’s what the teams can look forward to:


Each Friday the day’s WOD will be the Open workout.  But on Friday afternoons we turn the gym over to “Friday Night Lights” where we run consecutive heats starting at 5:30p.  The FIRST HEAT each Friday (again, at 5:30p) will consist of ONE ATHLETE FROM EACH TEAM.  One volunteer from each team will face off in three way head to head battle, giving each team the chance to rally behind and show support for their team-mate.  Just like the Open kicks off the workout with the main event on Thursday nights, this becomes the headline event for us at the Cove!  You do NOT have to participate in the Friday Face Off (we only need five  people per team total to volunteer), but your support and enthusiasm for your fellow athletes is a must!


Each team will be led by a team captain.  This person will be our main point of contact for team submissions and will be the sherpa for the team week over week.  While the ‘captain’ has the title, it is YOUR job to be an active participant and drive enthusiasm for your team-mates every day!


In addition to the Friday Night Lights Face-Off, each week will have a set of challenges which can earn them points.  Some examples include:


  • Completing the Open workout in the timeframe prescribed by CrossFit Open standards (Thursday 8PM – Monday 8PM EST)
  • Judging your fellow athletes can earn precious points for your team. The more you help with judging, the more points you earn!
  • Attending a yoga class or doing or 30 minutes of mobility on your own
  • Hydration challenges 
  • Active recovery movements (Go for a walk, light jog or play outside for 30 minutes)
These are just some examples of the kinds of challenges you will see over the course of the five weeks.  


Each week the ‘winning team’ will get to plan where we go for the ‘after party’ each Friday night of the Open!  Plus, of course, bragging rights!


Let’s get our registrations in for the Open HERE.  But if not, use the spreadsheet like HERE to sign up for the fun anyway.


We’ll be putting final teams together prior to the Open, so we have a 5P cut off on Wednesday to sign up.  So excited for what’s to come!!! 


One of our fiercest female athletes now, here is Irina in her first Open at the Cove.  Using a 10lb wall ball, it shows not only how far she’s come, but the Open is for everyone!




14 minutes to find heavy 1 rep Overhead Squat




3 minutes of work: 1 minute of rest

200/175m Row

4 Lateral over the Bar Burpees

Max Overhead Squats


You stop when you get to 100 Overhead Squats


Time Cap: 16 min


Fx: Option to do Front Squat instead, 75/55

P: 95/65

O: 115/75

Coach’s Tip: A lot of Overhead Squats so be sure to warm up your shoulders before and stretch after.  Overhead Squats are all about consistency, not speed.

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