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The Open officially starts in ONE DAY and we’ve got tons of things happening to get you into the spirit!  Here’s the sequence of events over the next 48 hours, so please read carefully!


THURSDAY @ 8PM WORKOUT ONE WILL BE ANNOUNCED on We will also post the workout on our blog/website as soon as it is released,  so continue your habit of reading this post regardless!


THURSDAY @ 8:15PM “MOM’S NIGHT OUT AT THE COVE” begins. Tune into FB  Live (on the Cove Club page) to see your favorite badass mamas (babies, fur babies, whatever!) take on Workout One right after it is released.   Yep, the little ones get tucked in and the moms rock a WOD.  Support Holly P.,  Coach Maria,  Martine J. and  Mattie C. as they show you what you can expect on Friday!  The more the merrier, so if you want to join them for the  workout or just watch with a beverage in hand, come on in!


FRIDAY’S WORKOUT WILL BE THE OPEN WORKOUT.  So, even if you didn’t sign up the Open, if you come on Fridays, you’ll be doing it anyway!  These classes are run slightly differently than normal (we still warm up and get ready together,  but we take turns judging each other as many of us need a judge to submit a score.).  Please note if  you did not sign up OFFICIALLY for the Open, you don’t NEED a judge.  But if you want to see what it feels like, we can typically make that happen!


FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS KICKS OFF AT 5:30PM WITH THE TEAM “FACE OFF’! One representative of each team (more on this to come below) will kick off the night with an epic throwdown.  This Friday’s first event will call for one guy from each team to represent in a MEN’S RX heat.  It’ll  be such an exciting way to kick off the night and get everyone energized.  We will run rolling heats after than until we are all  done!


AFTER PARTY AT FRISCO’S TAP HOUSE.  Once the last heat wraps, we’ll head right over to Frisco’s tap house for some ‘After Open’ libations.  Friends are welcome of course!  Let’s talk some smack, have a snack and throw some back!




As you know, we are doing a team format create a little friendly in-house competition, so stay tuned to how you can help your team to victory!  Points will be awarded weekly for participating in the Open (completing the workout and judging), standings in the “Face Off” and one (or more) additional challenges.  If you have not signed up yet, you still have time!  Until 5pm, that is!  So get on or put your name on our google spreadsheet HERE

Here are our three current team rosters (organized by color) in no particular order!





Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes:

1 Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Shoulder to Overhead




For time:

20 Shoulder to Overhead

20 Front Squats

50 Pull-Ups


Time Cap: 10 min


Fx: Ring Row 1:1, 135/95

P: 155/105

O: 185/125, C2B


Coach’s Tip: Sets of at least 5 for the S2O and Front Squats.  Sets of at least 10 on the Pullups.

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